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My name is Austin Schreiber , I go by the stage name A.K.S ! I am a 20 year old rapper from Harrison Ohio. I have been involved with music individually for 8 years. I started by singing which was given naturally to me and playing the guitar that I learned on my own which was by ear for the most of it. After the first 2 years of playing by ear I decided to learn chords and get more in depth with it by watching videos , and also by playing the bass as well. Drums were just as easy to me as everything else came out to be and I did it all on my own.

During that time I would create my own original songs with lyrics on an acoustic guitar which was an epi-phone I do believe. Music has been like a drug to me...anyways. As time progressed I found other ways to express myself in music. Rapping was my new high. I found my own ways to write by breaking down each sentence, word , origin of word, and each syllable and what that meant and felt like to me emotionally when I would put a song together.


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