Poor Legacy gives us hope amidst all the “World Issues” 

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It is always refreshing hearing hip-hop groups speak on the things that really matter in this time and age. We do know a whole lot is going on the world and Waterbury, CT based Poor Legacy help share their thoughts on a new release titled “World Issues”. The song tackles complex issues in the world today over a mellow, soulful backdrop. The emcees take their time in talking about the challenges people face from day to day and most importantly encourage the listener to rise above the challenges with positivity.

The song is also part of a 8 track single with different versions of the song. Poor Legacy is a 3 man hip-hop group made up of  frontman Nailz, D-Note (Keyboardist), and E-Rhythm (Drummer)

World Issues (Remix)
World Issues
World Issues (Remix Instrumental)
World Issues (Instrumental)
World Issues (Remix Acapella)
World Issues (Acapella)
World Issues (Remix Adlib Instrumental)
World Issues (Adlib)

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J Appiah gets up close and very personal on “Wash” 

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London, U.K singer/songwriter J. Appiah latest release “Wash” takes the listener on a spiritual journey led by the East London singer. The singer first appeared on our site with the poignant soul-searching record titled “Come Around” but if you have been keeping up with his musical endeavors you would know he has been putting in work. Over an atmospheric soundscape, he dwells on life’s possibilities and the loss of his estranged father. It’s a pretty delicate line to walk and Appiah effortlessly toes the line with his emotion-filled vocal performance and heartfelt songwriting that vividly describes his mindstate.  Ultimately, “Wash” is a razor-sharp display of the porous boundaries between J the artist and J the young man, understanding the world on his own terms

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Top 10 instrumental submissions Episode 1, December 

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It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding and even established producers who continue to push the envelope for the culture. So sit back relax and get familiar with these producers.
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he.wears.red – Pills.

he.wears.red is the lead producer on today’s list and what he brings to the table is a piano-driven slow jam titled “Pills”. The beat has a solemn vibe with minimal drums to match. Quite straightforward, not many switch ups but still gets the job done so not much for me to complain about.




Oscar Dalton – Connected.


Oscar Dalton is a Spanish Producer & Rapper representing the Barcelona based family Luz De Zulo where all the elements of hip-hop are represented and practiced, His newest beat is called “Connected” and its pure class as he also showcases his Deejaying skills alongside production duties. The beat is cool too and its crafted on short vocal chops, hard drum breaks and a whole lot of scratching.
“Connected”  is off his third solo project titled Cables. The project is based around the themes of networks, connections, feelings, and technology.



 Bruce Chillest – Rhoad to Nowhere.

Bruce Chillest is the musical project helmed by LA. based producer Andrew Clark. The composer takes his multi-instrumentation skills and puts them to good use on his new release titled “Rhoad to nowhere”. He layers a nostalgia-inducing key, solemn vocal chops pitched to various degrees over a smooth drum groove. Watch out for the sweet switch up towards the tail end.



Evil Needle – Phosphene.

French electronic producer Evil Needle has always been pushing the envelope with his multi-layered, genre-bending soundscapes and his latest tune once again shows his diversity on several planes. The gem he calls “Phosphene” is cinematic, surreal and engaging all at once. His use of atmospheric pads, thick synths, and head nodding drum arrangement is insanely creative.

“Phosphene” is taken from his new EP Igida released via HW&W Recordings (Kaytranada, STWO, FWDSLXSH)




Pueblo Vista & Big O – The Wondering Man

The duo of Big O and Pueblo Vista deliver their collaborative instrumental “The Wondering man” to our doorstep. The track composed and arranged by producer Big O is very solemn and enthralling with its lo-fi sensibilities. It would definitely make listeners take a back seat to reminisce about life and then some.

This track is featured on Pueblo Vista’s latest project “Latenite Joints 003” that which was released on December 1st. Get it on Spotify.



Altvater – Quietly, The Sea.

Altvater turns down the energy on his newest instrumental aptly titled “Quietly, the sea”. The production is very dynamic and makes use of a myriad of elements from soft organs, surreal pads, and vocal samples pitched to varying degrees. I like how the progression occurs on the track drawing the listener deep into the mix of a sea of emotions. Altvater says he got the inspiration to make the instrumental from a picture his grandad took in the Bahamas in the 80s. The picture had the image of the sea in its calm, serene state and gave Altvater the much impetus to go forth and craft something in the same vein.



kanopy – sobering.



LA-based producer Kanopy closes this weeks episode with a super mellow cut he calls “Sobering”. He blends a fluttering piano riff against surreal elements and soulful vocal chops over a nice drum groove. He also infuses some lo-fi elements into the mix to evoke the emotion of being hopeful and a reminder to try and always keep a positive mindset.



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Creole Noir team sup with Rod Willz on the thought provoking “Off script” 

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East Texas-based artist Creole Noir takes us deep into his dark minds with his newest record titled “Off script”. The dark cinematic soundscape (produced by Orlando Williams)starts off with a 911 phone call about Zimmerman being shot and switches into a fiery verse from Noir. He aims to go against the grain with his thought-provoking lyrics and viewpoints.

“Off script” sure exudes the tone expected as it also serves a twist on the controversial murder of Trayvon Martin. Only Noir could have conjured this up. Hit the play button and get familiar.

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Clear Soul Forces set it off on the first shooter inspired “They Shootin.” 

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Clear Soul Forces are back as a unit and drop the first visual to get us all in the zone. The track in question titled “They Shootin.” incorporates a classic video game aesthetic in the visual and sets the tone for what to come from the collective.  “They Shootin.” has that classic CSF smooth vibe with its bouncy yet hard-hitting backdrop peppered with expert lyricism from Ilajide, E-Fav, LAZ, and Noveliss who go back to back with the bars. The video game reference points to the fact that they were children of the ‘90s, a generation when most kids had consoles in their homes growing up. It was also a time when crime remained rampant in their hometown, making a track like this an organic result of their shared experiences.

The visual directed by Xerox Vision blends real-life violence with video game mayhem as each member gets shot down after getting introduced on screen and similar to many shooting games, they get revitalized only to go through the same process. Ilajide, who spits the first set of bars and also produced the track explains “The inspiration came from the stigma that when it gets hot the murder rate goes up,” he says. “Couple that with the fact that they always shootin’ in Detroit, it was perfect to spin it like a respawn in an online match on multiplayer video games.”

“They Shootin.” is off their upcoming project “Still‘. set for February 2019

Check out the visuals and head over to SoundCloud for the track stream, which may be purchase for digital download via Bandcamp. Mark your calendars for the Feb 22 release of Still, which will be available on vinyl in addition to all digital retailers and streaming platforms via Fat Beats Records.


Interview with L.A.Z here

Upcoming Tour Dates:

• 1/24 (Thurs): Chicago, IL – TBA

• 1/25 (Fri): Minneapolis, MN – Nomad World Pub

• 1/26 (Sat): Omaha, NE – The Well

• 1/27 (Sun): Denver, CO – Your Moms House

• 2/01 (Fri): Portland, OR – TBA

• 2/02 (Sat): Olympia, WA – Octopas Cafe

• 2/07 (Thurs): San Francisco, CA – TBA

• 2/08 (Fri) San Diego, CA – Til-Two Club

• 2/09 (Sat): Phoenix, AZ – Bonus Round

• 2/13 (Wed): Albuquerque, NM – Sister Bar

• 2/14 (Thurs): Houston, TX – Super Happy Fun Land

• 2/15 (Fri): Austin, TX – Flamingo Cantina

• 2/16 (Sat): New Orleans, LA – The Howling Wolf

• 2/18 (Mon): Atlanta, GA – TBA

• 2/21 (Thurs): Detroit, MI – Deluxe Fluxx



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Tenjin goes against the grain on “Black Cat” 

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Tenjin returns with a high octane record he calls “Black Cat”. Over a vibrant trap infused soundscape, he tells the story of a group of young people who are getting their groove on at a party but a team of police officers want to shut them down. While the expressive lyrics may be taken literally, Tenjin further explains that the song is also a metaphor to always stick to your guns and never waiver in your beliefs no matter how unpopular they may be.

Tenjin is one half of the Intrinsic Harmony Music group duo comprised of Tenjin and D.ST. The debut album is a continuous story of the ups and downs of being a youth in Detroit, and paralleling the experiences with life in general.


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TOP 10 SUBMISSIONS Episode 1 December 2018 

By teckzilla Word Is Bond

We are still dedicated to showcasing the best tracks/videos from the underground by searching far and wide in order to bring you our weekly list. It’s a tough job as we sift through a ton of high-quality tracks just to settle for just 5 so we switched it up so now we curating the Top 10 Submissions. Now that is what we call dedication, so sit back relax and get familiar with these acts.
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TVRK – Lethal Weapon


This is a promo piece for upcoming projects from collective HGHRMNDS. Tvrk spits smooth complex bars over a jazzy instrumental sure to give you that classic Hip Hop nostalgic feel! Hope you enjoy and check out our SoundCloud @ HGHRMNDS!



Scoob Rock & Blacktop Megaphone – One Time


The duo of Scoob Rock and Blacktop Megaphone drop an offbeat hip-hop track on the list titled “One Time”. Over a bouncy, choppy soundscape, the emcee delivers a unique flow tinged with patois vibe on the chorus.  The single is off the duo’s upcoming EP, “Blacktop & Rock”, which is due out in early 2019.



Spenny x Simco Slim – O.I.C.U.R.M.T.

Hip Hop duo “Spenny x Simco Slim” (SxS) team up with Toronto based Director Tim MacLennan to craft the  video for their newest single “O.I.C.U.R.M.T.” The vibrant song has a vintage 90s groove laced with Spenny’s unique flow and wordplay abilities. The uniquely spelled, 7-letter chant has a “sound-it-out” energy and will get you screaming the chorus as it plays

“O.I.C.U.R.M.T.” was originally recorded in the basement studio of Simco Slims’ Annex (Toronto) apartment back in late 2016. The tune highlights a revolving door of themes that describe the views of “SxS” as they observe their everyday. The exaggerated party track sums up a range of insights in this commentary that speaks to being a millennial, seeking self-awareness and overcoming limitations while earning viability as artists.

Set in an abandon water park “SxS” and crew exploit the park by re-claiming it as a skate site to gather footage. MacLennan flawlessly syncs clips as if ”O.I.C.U.R.M.T.” were a soundtrack true of classic skate edits. Described in this cinematic reel of scenarios, MacLennan candidly captures a raw perspective that parallels the duo’s present day antics and the hijinks lifestyle associated with hip hop and skate culture.



Regular Steven – Tombstone (Prod R.Munoz)

Regular Steven is not so regular as he delivers a solid passionate performance on his new single titled “Tombstone”. The R Munoz produced track has a classic 90s boom-bap vibe. His simple, funny and perfectly timed bars keep him grounded and existing in the same world as his listeners, resulting in an intensely intimate track. While not deeply focused on his own life, there’s a certain level of connectedness that you can feel between Regular Steven and the audience he is speaking too through the extremely relatable feeling that pours from Steven, through the microphone, and into headphones around the country.

 Regular Steven is just a man built by his surroundings like any other person. This can be seen most clearly with the way that he channels his status as a normal human, going through it like anyone else, into his music. Building up his independent label, Sleepy Heads Entertainment, with his team, Regular Steven is constantly working to better himself as a musician and a person as he walks his path towards the future in his mind. He won’t stop until he’s reached his destination through the release of excellent music and the strength of his team by his side.



Muyinza – L.T.B.

Los Angeles based Uganda born emcee Muyinza shows up on the list with a vibrant record he calls “L.T.B”. The production here is quite unorthodox and has a whole lot of EDM vibes which Muyinza sounds comfortable over. Produced by his longtime collaborator Leo The Kind, this record takes you synth-heavy, bass-laced ride while Muyinza encourages everyone to truly let go of all inhibitions and allow the animal out

“L.T.B” is off his album titled “First & Forever” due in early 2019



Danielle Martin – The Wanting.

Emerging singer/songwriter Danielle Martin makes her debut on TWIB with a soothing record titled “The Wanting”. The acoustic guitar laced record is very alluring as she delivers a gripping vocal performance with expressive lyrics to match. The song is the sophomore single off her upcoming EP Wanderlust


Dee Wallz – Mob Ties.

Dee Wallz gives the lyricism he’s known for on “Mob Ties’ as he spits nothing but venom, over a cinematic production by L. David that takes you back to Dipset mixtape days. Dee’s flow and cadence is most reminiscent of top southern lyricists that we have come to know and love as he stakes his claim in the music industry.


Mr Play – You Decide (Music Video).

After teasing the visuals for weeks, and on the back of the single receiving strong radio and club support across the UK, Africa, and the Caribbean, award-winning British DJ and fast-rising artist-producer Mr. Play unveils the brand new music video for his massive debut single ‘You Decide’ featuring Jamaican dancehall star Demarco and Nigerian singing sensation Adekunle Gold, which is taken from his forthcoming debut project to be released in 2019.

Filmed on location in Atlanta by Des Gray of Foreign Made Films, who has previous worked with the likes of future, 21 Savage, Gucci Mane, Rick Ross and Young Thug, among others, the music video for ‘You Decide’ is a sexy and captivating visual offering, which brings the infectious dancehall-tinged jam and club-ready dancefloor filler further to life, and captures all three artists – Mr Play, Demarco and Adekunle Gold – in their performance and showmanship element.

The track itself, which was produced by Mr Play and Demarco (Vybz Kartel, Sean Paul, Konshens, Busta Rhymes) and is led by glorious vocal performances from Demarco and Adekunle Gold, marks the exciting transition for Mr Play, one of the UK’s biggest DJs and nightlife connoisseurs, from behind the decks to the artist forefront, and is only the first of many exciting cross-genre and cross-culture collaborations that the revered London-based DJ has been putting together, to be unveiled next year.




Young TY – No Love.

Rising UK rapper Young TY delivers the visual for his debut song “No Love”. The song which is influenced by TLC’s smash hit “Scrubs”  sees the young rapper addressing the ladies that didn’t give him the time of day when he had nothing but are now trying to get in his good books after the fact.”No Love” is the first off his debut EP (chalked for release in spring ’19) and is produced by the hotly tipped producer Hazard, whose credits include Mist and Krept & Konan. The radio-friendly track mixes things up with an Afro-Swing beat, Young TY’s drill delivery and even some singing hooks in the chorus




Lucas Roth – Give It All.

Detroit raised, Lucas Roth, is an L.A.-based rapper who aims to bring a fresh approach to the rap game. His new single/video “Give it all” has a smooth electronic feel with its lush synth and trap groove while he kicks originnal bars with ease and precision. He further explains “When people can’t quite put a finger on what genre a track is, I think it intrigues them more,” Roth explained. “Good music is good music no matter what anyway, without having to label it. This was a fun project since I got to put my favorite sounds together.”

The visual is very colorful and futuristic as well. We don’t really get to see his real face too as it’s clouded with off-kilter visual effects. This marks Roth’s fifth official video to date and is his first music release since his debut album “You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid” dropped in August.




Tamara Bubble – I’m It (Natural Born Winner).


The ever vibrant Tamara Bubble help close out this week’s episode with another trap jam she calls “I’m it (Natural Born Winner)”. The self-motivating track showcases her go-getter mindstate and hustler spirit. On this one she teamed up with German based duo @TheCratez who craft a hard-hitting trap soundscape that knocks like no man’s business.

As a self-proclaimed, natural born winner, Bubble has been making waves on BET’s network. Her songs has been played on the tv series “Hustle in Brooklyn” season 1 (since episode 5). Tamara Bubble is also a six time All-Star Award nominee and winner of “Album of the Year” for her Living It Up (EP) as well as Underground Music Award nominee for “Female Rapper of the Year”.

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NOSUGA delivers the visual for the inspirational “HoT GirL(LiGhT Me uP)” single 

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Nosuga is a musical project helmed by producer/mixer Christos Tsantilis and their newest record is a vibrant and energetic cut titled “HoT GirL(LiGhT Me uP)”. The song features the vocal talent of emerging rapper Zizzo who delivers a solid verse over the rousing soundscape. The song also features an all-star cast of performers and musicians ranging from Caron Wheeler of the GRAMMY-winning group Soul II Soul; New Zealand-based hit songwriter Andrew Mockler, who has toured live singing with Sting; GRAMMY-nominated singer/songwriter and Wyclef Jean collaborator Katia Cadet; producer and multi-instrumentalist David Lloyd of Beyond the Beyond , veteran Motown drummer Jon Ihle (Chuck Berry, The Righteous Brothers, Bo Diddley); percussionist Chris Theberge of Groove Collective; and bassist Zev Katz (James Brown, Sheryl Crow, Bruno Mars). Another interesting fact is both Zizzo and Tsantilis have been affected by the disease. Zizzo is a Stage IV cancer survivor while Tsantilis lost his father to lung cancer during the song’s production so all that really plays into the inspirational theme of the song.

The catchy lyrics, deep groove and crisp beats of “Hot Girl Light Me Up” are amplified by an eye-catching animated video. Created by Nastee of 4word Productions and Christophe Mondot of Min Multimedia, with photography and editing by Ed Marshall.  The lyric video for “Hot Girl Light Me Up” plays out like a 4:25 mini-movie, following alongside a stylish animated version of  Zizzo as she rockets through space and mows down malicious aliens.

“HoT GirL(LiGhT Me uP)”  was crafted in support of The American Cancer Society and part of the proceeds will go into furthering cancer research. Get it on iTunes / Spotify / SoundCloud

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MVTTHIAS delivers a solemn story on new single “No More” (TWIB Premiere) 

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Long Beach California, MVTTHIAS is back with another personal gem he titled “No More” . Over a mellow, solemn sounndscape he dwells on a number of things he used to but doesn’t engage in anymore. He talks about his growth and his experiences and the way they shaped his current thinking and lets the listener know that he is more focused on achieving his goals. The self produced song has a very mellow, chilled vibe and allows the emcee to fully describe his state of mind sans the distractions.

Born as Matthew James Aure, in Long Beach California, MVTTHIAS is a rapper, producer, and audio engineer. At the age of 17, MVTTHIAS began rapping at local parties, cyphering with friends, and recording in small home studios. At the age of 19 MVTTHIAS released his first mixtape and slowly began to enter the world of producing. Now in his mid. twenties, MVTTHIAS has since released an EP titled “High Gravity”, an album titled “Breakfast At Noon”, and is currently working on numerous other projects, all to be released soon.

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Quami.xyz delivers the visuals for his love-laden single “Clementine” 

By teckzilla Word Is Bond

multi-genre act Quami.xyz  shares the visuals for his previously released single “Clementine”. The acoustic guitar-driven song exudes a mellow, solemn organic feel that suits the artist’s emotion-filled vocal style. It’s a soothing summertime song that dwells on love and the unexpected things that come along with it.

The visual was shot by Justin Singer and takes place in the sping-time in Toronto. The reflective aesthetic takes the viewers into a collage of memories between Quami.xyz and his girl Clementine and how these memories shaped him into becoming who he is.


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