Top 5 Instrumental Submissions for 3rd Week February 

By teckzilla Word Is Bond

As we go in for the 3rd week, we got nothing but pure solid gems from up and coming producers. Sit back, relax and dive in.


Nicolas de Zorzi – Climbing

Composer and piano improviser Nicolas de Zorzi used to compose soundtracks ballet, explores electronic genres, for a more downtempo and lofi vibe. ” Climbing” is dark jazz track, part of an album coming soon “Night Inside” with cinematic ambiences and soulful melodies with urban and nocturnal sounds.




Hobbes Duende -Repurposed Radiance, Vol. 2

Hobbes Duende is a 19 year old hip hop producer and DJ from Pittsburgh and currently residing in D.C. He specializes in sample-based hip hop production that draws heavily on the influences of boom-bap, lofi hip-hop, soul, and jazz, which is evident in the fact that J Dilla, 9th Wonder, Sun Ra, and Questlove are among his most significant influences. His latest release is a 9 track instrumental project he calls “Repurposed Radiance, Vol. 2”.  The tape is stylistically based around a solid foundation of oldies samples (soul, R&B, chicano soul) that have been chopped up, looped, and repurposed into instrumental hip hop beats. Thematically, the tape is centered around mostly upbeat love songs.




June Jissle – December

June Jissle continues his monthly instrumental releases with a new entry entitled “December”. December is an instrumental with a mixture of soul and future hip hop. From the sharp percussion and drums to the melodic voice samples, it’ll most surely be a song you don’t want to end



INJA – Don’t You Know

Motown, Post Rock, and Hip-hop, are a few of the influences behind Vancouver based producer INJA‘s latest instrumental EP, “Out The Dojo.” INJA employs ambient textures inspired by pedal board junkies from the post rock genre combined with a tasteful variety of electronic sounds to create a unique hip-hop fusion. Having grown up watching non-stop kung fu movies, INJA’s childhood inspirations led this project to achieve the title, “Out The Dojo.”




K.F.M. – The Force

K.F.M releases a blend of live instrumentation and video game influenced track he calls “The Force”. His style is  pure, raw and unfiltered

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My Favorite Color dwells on “Dollars” [Video] 

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My Favorite Color  first featured on our top 5 submission list with the song “Dollars” and now he returns to the foreground with a befitting set of visuals for the insightful song. Hit the play button and get familiar.

Colorful would be an understatement. Based out of Pittsburgh, PA, My Favorite Color (MFC) has always been a strong lyricist. Using poetry as a creative outlet, MFC would watch his older brother rap, inspiring him to study the craft. By the age of 12 he was writing full songs, and recording them on his MP3 player over Lil Wayne instrumentals. It wasn’t until January of 2017, however, that MFC decided to focus all of his energy into establishing himself as an artist. With the help of production trio, One800, they set out to develop his craft. Throughout the entirety of 2017, they sat in a garage-turned home studio in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, writing and recording original songs.

Stream his full length project “Go” below.

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Kendrick Lamar & TDE – Black Panther The Album (Album Review) 

By George Gabriel Word Is Bond

The latest hip-hop based movie soundtrack has lofty expectations to meet. Fortunately, Kendrick Lamar and TDE deliver the goods with Black Panther the Album

Black Panther the Album is something the culture has not seen in quite a while. During the 1990’s and slightly beyond it was a common affair to have a thumping soundtrack to accompany a film. The films Juice, Belly, and 8 Mile come to mind. The issue I hold with most movie soundtrack tie-ins is that they typically feel like a loose collection of tracks. However, there is typically a gem or two to be found on these soundtracks. With that history in mind, I was delighted to hear the news that Kendrick Lamar would be curating the soundtrack for the Black Panther film. After all, this is the very same Kendrick Lamar that is hot off the heels of his stellar album Damn. Preceding that album is To Pimp a Butterfly and a collection of unreleased music called Untitled Unmastered. I mention these projects because, in terms of critical acclaim, it seems that Kendrick Lamar can do no wrong. Therefore, aligning himself with Marvel to curate Black Panther the Album seems like a layup.

Initially, I met this album with skepticism because I was unsure about the level of involvement to expect from Kendrick Lamar. Firstly, he was announced as the curator for the soundtrack just a month before the album release. Indeed, reading the tracklist on paper did little to assure my doubts about his contribution as I did not see his name being featured more than a handful of times. The songs that he does rhyme on are true highpoints for Black Panther the Album as he frequently delivers raps from the perspective of the film’s protagonist T’Challa. He does occasionally deviate from the role of T’Challa and gives us strong rhymes in which he is simply flexing his skills on the microphone. Some of these moments feel a little oversimplified and I believe Kendrick could have dug a little deeper in terms of lyrical complexity. Do not misunderstand me, there are certainly moments in which he absolutely shines in spite of the simplification of his lyrics. The tracks “Black Panther” and “Pray For Me” are some of the best moments on the album. Outside of his primary features on the project, I was happily surprised to discover that Kendrick is actually deeply involved with nearly every track on the album. He does not have verses on every song, instead, he has a constant presence throughout the album by way of appearing on hooks, refrains, and by adding in adlibs. While some may have hoped for more, his consistent presence on the record goes a long way in giving the album its much-needed cohesiveness.

Black Panther the Album is not solely a Kendrick Lamar record, so allow me to focus on the other contributing artists on the project. Kendrick enlisted much of the TDE collective including Schoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, Jay Rock, and SZA to contribute to the album. The inclusion of these artists is a good look but I feel like they are underused. This was a perfect opportunity to give us listeners a new Black Hippy posse cut but it did not materialize. I also would have prefered to see them appear more on the 14-track album. As it stands, outside of Kendrick, each TDE member only appears on one track respectively. However, where they do appear, they deliver some of the stronger moments on the album. Ab-Soul and Schoolboy Q are specific highlights where they appear. Outside of the TDE family, other notable features include Jorja Smith, Khalid, Vince Staples, Anderson .Paak, and The Weeknd. Jorja Smith delivers a soulful solo cut on “I Am” and Anderson .Paak delivers a great hook on “Bloody Waters”. Vince Staples and Yugen Blakrok turn the heat up on “Opps” with some of the most ferocious rhymes on the entire album. The features on this album are not all positive. Future is an example of how not to show up on a track. He manages to be an absolute stain on this record as he delivers an uninspired and completely terrible guest verse on “Kings Dead”. I would go as far as to say that his appearance here will go down as one of the worst features of the year. Aside from the one blemish, the featured artists on Black Panther the Album are mostly strong and make the project all the more enjoyable.

Production on the album comes primarily from the hands of Sounwave. Other notable producer credit goes to Mike Will Made It, !llmind, and BADBADNOTGOOD. The production on Black Panther the Album is greatly dynamic from track to track. The opening track “Black Panther” is a great example of the dynamic production on display here. It starts off slow and almost somber and matches Kendrick Lamar’s delivery. As his flow shifts to a more aggressive delivery, the beat follows, adding in pounding drums and strings. As he slows down the beat returns to its original form and adds dark and gloomy keys. Another track that stands out is “Opps” which brings a huge instrumental that is aggressive and offers a rumbling soundscape for Vince Staples and Yugen Blakrok to flow over. It is easily one the best moments on the album from a production standpoint. Overall, the production on Black Panther the Album offers a great sense of urgency and aggressiveness that drives home the themes from the film.

As a standalone project, Black Panther the Album is a solid and cohesive record from top to bottom with few low points. As curators, Kendrick Lamar and TDE should feel immense pride in the collection of tracks they have given us. Kendrick Lamar deserves a special nod for putting in the effort to connect ideas and rhymes with the T’Challa character. Credit also goes to Kendrick Lamar for finding ways to creatively add his presence to the album without simply dropping a verse. By finding ways to weave these tracks together with his vocals, Kendrick avoids the pitfalls of other movie soundtracks of the past. Where those soundtracks suffered from a lack of direction and a sense of looseness, this album shines in its ability to have cohesion. This was a tough task considering the great variation amongst the tracks presented here, but Kendrick Lamar managed to toe the line brilliantly. This is one of the better movie soundtrack tie-in projects in a number of years. My hope is that we continue to see projects like Black Panther the Album going forward. My personal favorite tracks on Black Panther the Album are “Opps”, “I Am”, “Bloody Waters”, “Kings Dead” and “Pray For Me”.

MeRCY introduces “Swamp Thing” for the 5th edition of “The Everglades Sessions “ 

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MeRCY returns with the 5th installment of The Everglades Sessions by introducing the ‘Swamp Thing’ record itself. The introduction is atmospheric and the lyrics are those of the Everglades renegade as MeRCY portrays throughout the track. This is just a preview for what’s to come.

On the musical side, Solidified provides the perfect mood for this record. Thus, the producer perfectly maintains the high performance he did on the first few records. The sound is dark and grimey like the hot nights of the marshland from Florida state.


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Top 5 Submissions for 3rd Week February 

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For the 3rd week in February, we gathered up some interesting gems from Mike SB, Kid Ahh, The Fish Police and more. Sit back, relax and dive into the Top 5 for this week. Have a great weekend ahead of you too.


Kidd Ahh X Breana Marin (PROD. DreamLife) – Trapped (radio)


Kidd aah crafts a song about being trapped in a radio and going through a bunch of situations just to get out. it lightly touches bases with everyday situations one might encounter in city life and  politics and smoothly finishes off with a story about a potentially fatal setup with a man dating a woman with a jealous and over attached ex boyfriend.


Mike SB – “Cool” (Prod. By Trev Browning)

Mike SB drops a smooth conscious record which really embodies everything that Mike stands for: positivity, love, honesty and self sufficiency. This record serves as the first release off his Music Monday releases.





The Fish Police – Cactus

British hip-hop / punk band The Fish Police deliver their unorthodox genre blending single titled “Cactus”. It’s an interesting song that may take some getting used to but it’s definitely worth checking out.


Crock Taylor – Betty Crocker

Representing Queens NY, Crock Taylor gives his opinions on the rap game & flows effortlessly while doing so, along with Brooklyn artist, Shay Butta.


Justin Horein – Serotonin Levels ft. Kyns

Up and coming hip-hop act Justin Horein drops his newest single “Serotonin Levels”. A personal track that deals with the artists addiction with drugs and his eventual triumph over said addiction. The song also features singer Kyns who wraps it up with a solid hook on the chorus.



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Chuuwee & Khalisol switch the tempo on “The Sound Of Love” 

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Coming off their last collab “Heaven & Hell” the incomparable duo of Chuuwee & Khalisol are back at it with a new tune they call “The Sound Of Love”. They switch the vibe and tempo on  this record which is a smooth ode for Valentine’s Day.

“The Sound Of Love” is taken from Chuuwee’s upcoming album “PassOver”. Production on this album is entirely done by Khalisol. To be released on February 23rd, “PassOver” is the third part of Chuuwee’s five part “Dystopia” album series. The first two parts “Paradiso” and “Purgator” were both released in 2017.


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Arsonists bring “Peace” alongside DJ Total Eclipse 

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The Arsonists  are back with another scorching single titled “Peace”. A vibrant, upbeat cut that deals with urban decay, black on black crime from a very unique perspective. The track also features cuts from renowned DJ Eclipse.

This one of six new tracks that will appear on the forthcoming double CD/digital-album  of As The World Burns / Lost In The Fire to drop tomorrow via Below System Records (Shabaam Sahdeeq, Masta Ace, Verbal Kent).

As The World Burns (first released in 1999) is an underground hip-hop classic which yielded such Arsonists anthems as “Blaze,” “Halloween” and the “Session.”  Lost In The Fire, includes the six new tracks (the group’s first in over fifteen years) as well as many unreleased and rare gems.  Guests include Vinnie Paz (Jedi Mind Tricks, Heavy Metal Kings), Ill Bill (La Coka Nostra, Non-Phixion), J-Live, High & Mighty and Mass Influence.


The return of legendary NY emcee crew (composed of D-Stroy, Q-Unique, Freestyle, Jise and Swel)! “Peace” features cuts by DJ Total Eclipse (of The X-Ecutioners) and is one of six new tracks on the forthcoming double-album which combines the deluxe edition of their 1999 full-length As The World Burns with another disc including the new six tracks as well as rare and unreleased material Lost In The Fire. “Peace” is available now as a digital single and the double album drops this Friday (2/16) via Below System Records.


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Balkan Bump releases the original version of “Aymo” 

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Producer Balkan Bump gifts us with the original version of his song “Aymo” which featured Talib kweli. Balkan Bump is showing “Aymo” where it all started, before Gramatik’s collaborative influence. This track gets at the true essence of Balkan Bump’s sound, stripping back any electro influences to show purely raw, smooth, world-influenced beats with live horns.

Gramatik has put Balkan Bump on a fast track to superstardom. Finding an affinity from his own Balkan roots, Gramatik has taken Balkan Bump on his Re:Coil tour and signed his debut EP to Lowtemp. The EP will be releassed on the 9th of March. Stream/Download: HERE
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2/17: San Diego, CA; North Park
2/21: Dallas, TX; House of Blues
2/22: Austin, TX; Emo’s
2/24: New Orleans, LA; Joy Theatre
2/26: Tuscaloosa, AL; Druid City
2/27: Chattanooga, TN;TBD
3/1: Nashville, TN; Marathon Music Works
3/2: Atlanta, GA; Tabernacle
3/3: Knoxville, TN; The International
4/12: Philadelphia, PA; The Fillmore
4/13: Richmond, VA; The National
4/14: Asheville, NC; Orange Peel
4/15: Charleston, SC; Music Farm
4/18: Columbia, SC; Music Farm
4/19: Wilmington, NC; Greenfield Lake Amphitheatre
4/20: Washington, DC; Echostage
4/21: Boston, MA; House of Blues
4/22: Portland, ME; State Theatre
4/24: Syracuse, NY; The Westcott Theater
4/26: Toronto, ON; Danforth Music Hall


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L8Loomer is “Good For That” 

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Tampa based artist L8LOOMER comes through with a funk laden groovy single titled “Good For That” which features R&B artist, Anne Dereaux . L8LOOMER showcases his writing skills as he delves into his struggles of young adulthood and love. “Love is such an easy game to play, but I get lost along the way,” is about relatable as it gets. Enveloped by a soundscape that melds R&B, hiphop, and dance elements,” Good for That ” gets in touch with its sensual side and takes you along for the ride.




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