Sedric Perry Bares All In Seductive New Single “Naked” 

By msavino Word Is Bond

Soulful rising star Sedric Perry releases seductive new single, “Naked.”  The record describes his desires and lust enticed by a woman and the dance floor. Perry’s vocals  over a smooth band arrangement adds a touch of eroticism play to the track.  He combines a bit of Pop, R&B, and House to display his versatile talents as an artist, which elevates the sensual emotion from his vocals.

About Sedric Perrry

Sedric Perry, has been rooted in NYC’s music scene for the past five years. He’s shared stages with music icons including Questlove, Chaka Khan, and Wyclef.  He is now prepared to take his career to the next level and cover new ground.  He is delving into the realm of House and active in the studio working on his forthcoming solo releases.




donSMITH states his claim on “If You Know” [video] 

By teckzilla Word Is Bond

donSMITH (formerly Darnell Smitherson) delivers his new record “If You Know” with much gusto. The song is actually the outro to his recently released project ‘Who is donSMITH: VOL II‘ and shows the rapper in varying emotions as he bares his heart on wax over a gritty soul-sample driven soundscape. The visual portrays several versions donSMITH, all different moods, and behaviors; donSMITH is multifaceted, just like his city. The track is a page from his diary, growing up in that city, allowing him to grow into a man of many flavors and talents.

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Y & Elio team up on the retro-tinged Nasty [video] 

By teckzilla Word Is Bond

Rap duo Y & Elio burst through with a solid effort titled “Nasty”. We don’t really know much about the duo but all we can say is they do bring a refreshing vibe to the forefront with their vibrant lyrics, demeanor and of course a dope soundscape to match. “Nasty” shows exactly how they two emcee throw it down lyrically as they kick their personality-tinged bars over a classic soul-sample produced by Luke White.

Hit the play button and get familiar with the duo


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Masta Ace is making ‘A Breukelen Story’ all about Marco Polo… 

By EricSoul Word Is Bond

Masta Ace & Marco Polo is teaming up to bring you A Breukelen Story, where the concept for the album is about the Canadian’s move to Brooklyn from Toronto – back in the early 2000s.

For their introduction to the album, the duo linked up with Boot Camp Clik’s own Smif-N-Wessun – who comes in on the hook for the song, ‘Brooklyn’. In an interview with Complex, Ace says it’s a tribute in a positive way to his hometown.

“This song is an ode to my birthplace…. Brooklyn… originally named Breukelen after the city in Holland… the video depicts the beauty and essence of my city and Director Parris Stewart captures it perfectly!”

‘Breukelen’ is ‘Brooklyn’ in Dutch. The Dutch settled in the town and gave it the name (similar to the name of the town in Holland) in the 17th century.

This isnt the first time we’ve seen Ace and Polo link up to do music. Ace appeared on Polo’s ‘Nostalgia’ track (in which the video was shot in Brooklyn) from his 2007’s Port Authority album, and in 2011 they did a song called I Refuse (feat. eMC partner Wordsworth) for Russell Peters’ stand up comedy gig on DVD.

The album is set for a November 9th release on Fat Beats, which you can now pre-order. Tracklisting below.

1. Kings
2. Dad’s Talk (Skit)
3. Breukelen “Brooklyn” feat. Smif-N-Wessun
4. Get Shot
5. Still Love Her feat. Pearl Gates
6. Man Law feat. Styles P
7. You & I
8. Gotta Go (Skit)
9. Sunken Place feat. Pav Bundy
10. Corporal Punishment feat. Elzhi
11. Landlord Of The Flies (Skit)
12. Count Em Up feat. Lil Fame
13. American Me
14. The Cutting Room (Skit)
15. God Bodies feat. Trini Boy
16. Wanna Be f. Marlon Craft
17. Three feat. eMC
18. The Fight Song feat. Pharoahe Monch
19. Mom’s Talk (Skit)


BONUS: Apollo Brown & Joell Oritz – Timberlan’d Up (remix feat. Royce Da 5’9 & KXNG Crooked) 

By EricSoul Word Is Bond

So Joell Ortiz & Apollo Brown have linked up to bring you an album called Mona Lisa, which is due for an October 26th release. After three singles released to the masses, the duo brings you a bonus track which features an additional two members of the Slaughterhouse members (Royce Da 5’9 & KXNG Crooked).

Not too long ago, the rumors about the Slaughterhouse split has been made public. We’ve seen Joe Budden & Eminem go at it online, and then Crooked & Royce spoke about it – but we never heard Joell talk about it until recently on the final single ‘Reflection‘ when he came to the conclusion that..

“Headphones, dead in a zone like Rick and Michonne
I’m feelin’ better on my own
Took a sec for me to accept that next time I’m on the road won’t be no Crook,
won’t be no Royce, won’t be no Joe..”

Even though seeing them them getting back together to finish the Glass House album will never happen, it’s good to hear at least 3/4 of Slaughterhouse rip into an Apollo Brown beat – and that’s a bonus we can grab as a free download.

G.Huff on Word is Bond Rap Radio 

By Chase March Word Is Bond

G.Huff called in to the show last week to talk about his new single “Rakim Meets the DOC” and kick it with Chase March live on the radio. We’ve been trying to make this happen for a while and glad it finally worked out.

O.C. and PF Cuttin – Beneath the Planet Apes
Senswif – Elevation
Sceyetifik ft Solomon Childs – Giants
Sic Sense – Onementality
Legitimate & Rex Seshunz – Allandale
Stevie P – Ode to Battle Rap
Kyo Itachi ft RA the Rugged Man – No Prints
Frank B ft Lil Fame – Don’t Go
Jon Corbin – Go Hard
Has-Lo & Castle – Live Like You’re Dead
Three Times Dope – Funky Dividends
Run-DMC – Soul to Rock and Roll
Schooly D – Saturday Night
Brand Nubian – Step to the Rear
Rock Mecca ft Ras Kass & Rah Digga – One Rhyme to the Next
G.Huff – Rakim Meets the DOC
G.Huff – Vacant Though
G.Huff ft Reks – Treadmill Lifestyle
Wu-Tang Clan – Wu-Tang Forever 2018
Amniat – Livin’
Cypress Hill – Warlord
Kyle Kanevil ft DJ Hullewud – 822

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Blackwave go against the norm on “Good Enough” [video] 

By teckzilla Word Is Bond

Belgium based hip-pop duo Blackwave make a solid entry on our site with this thought-provoking yet soulful record titled “Good Enough”.  Made up of Willem Ardui and jaywalker, the duo blend real-time issues with soulful soundscapes and dense lyricism. “Good Enough” is a prime example of their nostalgia-inducing vibes and relatable lyrics. From the moment you hit the play button, you get the sense of their unique styles that offer something fresh and engaging without pandering to the usual modern hip-hop tropes.

Hit the play button and get familiar with the duo. Get the audio HERE.

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Tenjin takes us around “New Toronto” 

By teckzilla Word Is Bond

Tenjin drops a new single titled “New Toronto”. Over a gloomy/cinematic soundscape, he breaks down a story about a drunken weekend getaway in Toronto. “It is actually not even my own story,” says Tenjin when asked about the inspiration behind the latest single. “It is an exaggerated retelling, in my own words, of the events in the life of a close friend. As he was telling me the story, I was already coming up with the lyrics and the setting. For an example, the line ‘Hitting it back to back like I just ate a Senzu bean’ is based off the fact that they practically lived on canned beans for the weekend, and I just put my own twist on it.”

Tenjin is one half of the Intrinsic Harmony Music duo, who are aspiring music writers and entertainers from Detroit, MI. With a style that fuses lyricism with the more contemporary sound of Hip-Hop, Tenjin tells a different story on every song, capturing the world surrounding him, and sharing it with others in hopes of finding a common ground through music and the culture.


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There is a Jean-Michel Basquiat musical in the works… 

By EricSoul Word Is Bond

A Broadway music focused on the life and works of one of the most influential artists of the 20th century is currently in production by Jon Batiste. Batiste, who’s currently the bandleader & musical director for the Late Show With Stephen Colbert, will be showcasing the life of Jean-Michel Basquiat in 1980s New York – from the time he started writing graffiti to the time he became an inspiring figure post-pop art before his works changed the game in the art world.

According to producers Alan D. Marks & Barbara Marks, the show’s development team will be working closely with the Basquiat Estate, and has secured the rights to his artwork and personal archives.  Set Tony winner John Doyle will be the director of the piece.

“Over the years, many people have approached us about telling our brother’s story on stage, but having discussed this project with the Marks over many months, our interest was piqued once we understood that their approach to telling our brother’s story treats his life, his art and his legacy with respect and passion,” said Basquiat’s sisters Lisane and Jeanine in a statement. “With Jon Batiste and John Doyle leading the creative team, we are thrilled with the possibilities. We cannot wait to begin the developmental process. Broadway is a new world for us, and we looking forward to sharing our brother’s life and art.”

So far, according to OKP, the crew got Motown’s own Eric LaJuan Summers to play the prolific artist.

Basquiat started writing as SAMO with another member in the LES in the late 70s. In the early 80s, his career catapulted to various heights with doing tv appearances and being featured in Blondie’s ‘Rapture‘ video (instead of Grandmaster Flash), doing collaborations with Andy Warhol, having his very first art show with Lee Quinones (The Time Square Show) and then having his work shown internationally in Italy, and plenty more.

His work uses ‘suggestive dichotomies’ like wealth/poverty, intergration/segregation, inner vs outer experience, with social commentary in the pieces to address issues like racism, politics, class struggle, etc.

As reflected in JAY Z & Skyzoo‘s works, Basquiat’s work has managed to have influenced hiphop music. As Detroit’s beatsmith Apollo Brown tells XXL in regards to the song, ‘Basquiat On The Draw’ from the 2016 collabo with Sky on The Easy Truth:

“Jean Michel stayed absolutely true to himself. Just like us, he made the type of art he wanted to make, even if it was the less popular choice at the time. Look at the impact of his work now though! There’s always a niche audience for what you create, and always a group of people who understand your vision. We, as hip hop artists prove this everyday.”

The first reading of the forthcoming production is scheduled for June 24th 2019.

Top 10 instrumental submissions EP 1 October 2018 

By teckzilla Word Is Bond

It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding and even established producers who continue to push the envelope for the culture. So sit back relax and get familiar with these producers.
Remember, don’t forget to support them by sharing their works.


Radicule. – Throwaway Dunks (G-Leaguee.)

Radicule kicks off this weekend’s list with a solid soothing track “Throwaway Dunks 9G-Leaguee)” off his Sports theme instrumental project ‘HiiiGHLIGHT_REEL.01’. It has a dreamy, nostalgic vibe going on and it’s quite short too. It serves as the final track of the aforementioned project closing it with a sobering cool down to the fur-lined slaps that precede it.

Get the full project on Bandcamp





E Dot – Mixed Up.

E Dot comes through with a soul sample flip that packs a solid groove behind it. He calls it “Mixed up” for good reason as the vocals go into a ping-pong like delay vibe at some parts. Pretty dope as expected.






Producer ToMC drops the sophomore release from his Friday instrumental release. He calls this release “HA2DC!pher” and blends classic hiphop vocals over a cinematic backdrop and heavy drums to match.

The release is from his upcoming instrumental album, Ink Dripperz: Beatz for Lyrical Peepz.

Overall, ToMC’s style possesses a raw fidelity that holds true to Hip Hop’s original boom bap flavor. He has a distinctive sound that provokes movement and inspiration, which he casually delivers with street-wise swagger and grimy finesse.




Mansa Obi – YRNRW.

Multi-talented producer/artist Mansa Obi delivers a left-field release he calls “YRNRW”. He blends a smooth soundscape with chopped vocals from several sources to make one cool, soothing beat.

After surviving a Thirty-Five foot fall with his close friend August 16th, 2016. Four surgeries and a year of rehab later; Mansa Obi has emerged from the ashes to finish his life’s work. Known for his creation of Authentic Bounce (not to be confused with “Classic” Bounce) seductive melodies, blunt–commentary and creation of the bass-less genre. Mansa hopes to continue to push the cultures forward sonically with his album self-titled “Mansa”.





Big O  brings the soulful guns on his new release titled “Uncertainty“. He keeps it somewhat minimal with a throbbing synth, sparkling retro sounding piano riffs and a good old neck snapping drum.

The track is taken from his sophomore album “iNSTABiLiTY”




Nottr taps the spirit of ODB on this new cut he calls “Cyanide”. He flips a myriad of vocals sample to drive home his point and the off-beat boombap style works well too.



Blue Realization – Longing

Blue Realization is Oscar Ota’s solo music project based in Toronto. The new release titled “Longing” is soothing, dreamy and quite alluring. The layered instrumentation and soft drums do blend well together. Hit the play button and get familiar.


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