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Photo Credit to : Shane Michael Photography


My name is Di Bryant, I am 35 years old and a mother of 4. I was diagnosed less than a year ago with complex PTSD from childhood trauma, I lived the first 34 years of my life in a constant state of fight or flight, trying to control everything in my life including people, destroying everything in my wake, it took 34 years before my body finally shut down in every way, physically, emotionally and mentally, I was physically ill and had completely disassociated, I was ready to end my life because I couldn't even control who I was, I couldn't control who I was from one minute to the next, I brought myself to the hospital and couldn't even remember my social security number, my address any basic information and I couldn't speak. I was put in an intensive outpatient program because I refused to be admitted. Taking myself to the hospital that night was the best decision of my life. In the outpatient program I finally got the correct diagnosis and my journey began, intensive therapy EMDR, weighted blankets, inner child work, everything I could research that was shown to help me in my recovery, one of the things I found was modeling, I'm not a model by any stretch however when I am in front of the camera it takes me out of my own head, I have to tell another story with my face and body, I can speak without words, I can watch myself evolving through each shoot becoming more and more comfortable in my own skin.


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Photo Credit to : Shane Michael Photography

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Photo Credit to : Shane Michael Photography

Being photographed is a source of freedom and peace for me. I like to do shoots that tell stories, or with specific themes or to release whatever energy is brewing inside me that day. Throughout this process I have made some amazing friends and I've decided to start a campaign where I will share my story with the world, all of my hurt, shame, feelings of worthlessness, confusion and everything in between will be out there for the world to see. I want to bare my soul to the world because it is now my mission to raise awareness for complex ptsd from childhood trauma, it's a real problem swept under the rug by society. I will be a voice for those suffering this horrific life without knowing there is hope, I will be a voice for the little children in homes with violence, drug abuse, sexual abuse any kind of childhood adversity so that maybe somebody will free that child, be a light bulb for the parents playing a role in their child's adversity so that maybe they will open their eyes to the damage they are doing to that child that will alter not only their lives but future generations, trauma changes you on a cellular level right down to your genes and those epigenetic changes get passed down to the innocent lives being brought into this world setting them up for increased risk of anxiety and depression later in life. My life's mission is to reach people and save lives. I believe my suffering will be used for great things, to help others and for that I wouldn't trade my trauma for anything. God will use me and my broken pieces to be the light in this dark world. Creating a masterpiece out of this mess. I will continue to do photo shoots as they do help in my recovery, I have shot with Justin Culton, therapy and face training Shane Michael, therapy and face training Brad Prime, fresh face photos, Wonder Woman and the ptsd campaign Neil Valli, a rage shoot And Nick Alsup, promo for his gym and the ptsd campaign They are incredible and I am blessed to have worked with them. When I say face training I mean trying to get away from the RBF, resting bitch face.


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Photo Credit to : Shane Michael Photography