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Nikki Serenity 
Age: 20 
Hobbies: modeling, acting, singing, petting cats, photography, eating vegan food, badminton, traveling, being outdoors, thriftshopping, yardsaleing, shopping, networking, promoting, gymnastics, rollerskating, jumping on the trampoline, hearts, spades, connect four, Twister, jump roping, hula hooping

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Agencies/groups/companies I'm associated with: 
Cosmo Models 
Project Delta 
No More Labels Models
Vision Of Punk, Inc.
H E X International Modeling
Teen Hearts
Universal Jewels
Metal Maidens
AEOY Multimedia B-team
Delicious Dolls Magazine
Maximus Destructive Tendancies  

Fashion shows I've been in: 
The Factory (modeling design by Nasheli Ortiz González) 
Grade A Designs 
The Factory (modeling design by Qun Yiyao Liu) 
Beauty Meets Fashion (modeling makeup by Tiara Chanell of Uniquely Designed) 
St. Louis Walk Fashion Show 2017 (modeling designs by MEROCKI and Stevie Boi) 
INSPIRE Fashion Show Metro St Louis Women's Council of Realtors (modeling designs by Dianne Isbell and Women's Closet Exchange) 
S.L.A.P.S Fashion Show (presented by Karma Morton) - all proceeds going to Operation Prom Nite (modeling designs by Operation Prom Nite and Darnicia Darden of Dorscei Kouture

Magazines I'm published in: 
Indigo Flare
Modern Model - April 2017 
Bonheur Fashion - May 2017 
Define Fashion - May 2017 
Modern Model - June 2017 
Shotcaller - August 2017 
Omega Fashion - July 2017 
Elan Vital - September 2017 
Elan Vital - October 2017 
Fashion Avenue News Magazine


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Brad Prime (Prime Photography/Photos by Brad) 
Lemurial Elizabeth Rose 
Ken Jones 
Kris Gaskill (stlphotographer.com) 
Raymond Kennedy Jr. (RaymondkennedyJr Photography) 
Paul E. Porter (Ammodphoto) 
Tim Tipton (Tipton Customs) 
Eric Dunlap (Alpha Images 2000) 
John Krick (JK Photos) 
Michael Stephens 
Rebecca Bolte 
Ron Barlow (Barlow Productions) 
Timothy P. Carlson (Timothy Carlson Photography) 
John Michael 
Dave Garvin (Faces In The Crowd) 
Bob Greenfield (RG Insights Photography) 
Keith Clinton (KC Productions) 
Joseph Bailey (Universal Elements Modeling) 
Donte Fuller (Majestic Art) 
Mike Harvey 
Kay Marie (Perfective Photography) 
Bill Ehrlich (BESTL Photography) 
Raymond Potter Jr. (NINE10 Studio Productions, LLC / NINE10 Models, LLC) 
George Rodriguez (George Rodriguez Fotographie) (Rodriguez Studio) 
Lou Lentijo 
Terry McCue 
Dorean Grey 
Niles Zee (Wax Satanic Photographs) (Niles Z Photography) 
Stan Collins (UCD Photography) 
Julia Adams Walling (Walling Photography) 
Christian Berens (CBerens Photography) 
Ian Adcock (Image Maker Productions) 
Leo Nighosian 
Tim Conrey 
Eric Grapher (Eric212Grapher) 
Derek Casper (Derek Casper Photography) 
Keith Kessler 
Craig Wilson 
William (Bill) Mewes (WeeBee Glamourous Photography) 
Tom Kruse (Twin Coast Imaging) 
Jessica Joanne Moma 


Enola Lynn Pevey 
Rod Wright (Wrightstuff Productions) 
J. Kevin Chapman (jkc photography) 
Chuck Pfoutz (Chuck Pfoutz Presents) 
Pat Dyer 
Jennifer Barhoumy 
Carlos Santa Maria (Santa Maria Studio LLC) 
John K. Blair 
Andy Wilson 
Scott Porter 
Michelle Selesnick (Michelle Selesnick Photography) 
Sarah Holmes 
Jacob Sowa 
Scott Smallie (Crafted Pixel Studios) 
Kelly Helton Wells (Kelly Wells Photography LLC) 
Mark Gettemeyer (Mark J Gettemeyer Photography) 
Anthony Sapone (Anthony Sapone Photography) 
Eli Dahiker 
Janis Francis Call 
Sharon Keeler 
Richard Pack 
Jeremy Braggs Photography (Breece Jay) 
Jim Trotter (Trotter Art) 
Loki Wilson (Long Live Entertainment) 
Lisa Lewis/Lisa Marie 
Alan Forshee 
Tom Berardi 
Leon Carr Jr. (FourStar Photography) 
Ronald Rob Hendrix (You Create Your Own Success/YCYOS Studios) 
Steven Hendrix (You Create Your Own Success/YCYOS Studios) 
Keith Wetzel 
Sara Kano 
Daniel Berry (Daniel Berry Photography) 
Brian Teal (Brian Teal Photography) 
Duane Clawson (DC Photowerx) 
Doug Thomsen 
Janis Shetley (JShetley Photography) 
Jim Oates 
Tim Rothe (Tim Rothe Photography) 
Opulent You 
Corey Wallis (Corey Wallis Photography) 
Randy Butler (RGB Photography) 
Beth Barton 
Vintage Blu Portraits & Weddings 
Brian Sergi (Sergi Studios

Dan Hass   
Kevin Eaton (Kevin Eaton Photography)   
Marshall Thomas   
Donald Callahan (DJC FILMZ)              Sheila Broderick 
Mitchell Phelps (Adventure Theory in Optic Media) 
Christine Warner 
Robert (Bob) A. Smith 
Devius Meechie Thomas (BeastUp Films) 
David Elfanbaum 
Will Hahn (2.0h Photography) 
Richard Kiefel 
Robert Smith (Robert A. Smith Photography) 
Lenell Neely 
Shane Michael (Shane Michael Studios) 
Keith Baker (Play Channel Photography) 
Cali Baloney 
Joseph (Joe) Oleksy 
Apollo Timbers 
Hazel Tree Boudoir 
Tracy Jane Weidel (Tracy Jane Weidel Photography) 
Chelsey Marie (Chelsey Marie Photography) 
Sophia Thompson (Sophia Joël Photography) 
Rose Lee Photography 
Zack Steele (Zachary Steele Photography) 
Brenna Rose Photography 
Sarah Barkley 
Curt Parker (Cosmo Models) 
Santhosh Kandukuri 
Natasha Braegger (Images by Natasha Braegger) 
Kirsten Franklin Petty (Kirsten Petty Photography) 
Steven Johnson / Images By Steven (IBS) 
Reginald (Reggie) Resper Sr. 
Todd Payne 
Bill Gutweiler 
Chad Payne 
Thang Ho (Thang Ho Photography) 
Greg Maxey 
Michael Mowbray (Beautiful Portraits by Michael) (MoLight) 
Kathy Brown 
Holly Overton 
Tina Swallow

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