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Rae Benda is a Senior Instructor at Pink Lemon Studio in O'Fallon, MO. She's been teaching there for over 3 years: she currently teaches Beginner through Advanced Level Pole, Flexibility and Beginner Yoga, Hula Hoop, Aerial Silks and Lyra Classes weekly. Rae is a certified level 1 Buti Yoga Instructor and has been studying Yoga Asana for 9 years. Winner First Place and Overall Glamour, Third place Fitness Model, and First place Fitness Novice UFE Rampage 2017, her first Bodybuilding Competition. 

Rae was always a tomboy. Raised around a lot of boys, she loved to climb trees, play soccer, get dirty, and play rough. She started gymnastics when she was 3 years old and spent a few years competing. Family finances made her unable to continue and typical teenage distractions made it easy to forget. After her daughter was born, she was looking for a way to get active again and was introduced to hula hooping by her best friend. She looked up some Youtube Tutorials and it became an obsession. About a year later, she became so enthralled in the idea of joining the circus that she decided to learn Aerial Silks as well. Three years into her circus dreams, she found Pink Lemon Studio and began teaching Hula Hoop Classes, and started learning Pole. 

She had always had a love for Theater and Cirque, but she was never really one to live in the spotlight. "I was too afraid to be on the stage, but I needed to be behind the scenes. Something about the energy in there, it's exciting! Everything has to go just right for the magic to work, and everyone works so hard for it to all go right. I love to be apart of a team, where everyone is working together for the same goal. It's like a collective consciousness. Once I found Pink Lemon, it was like I'd found my calling. We all had one goal: To learn. I finally found something that might lead me onto the stage.” Quicker than expected, she was offered a job Go-Go Dancing at a local club. It wasn’t a performance for the crowd of the century, but it was the first step to so much more. 

Three years later, she is planning her first pole competition and training her own team of Aerialists and Bikini Competitors #teamlemon! She has been a successful performance artist and traveling model for over a year. She’s been married for 5 years and now has a two year old son. She has performed at events such as: St. Louis Mayor’s Ball 2017, St. Louis Mardi Gras Parade 2017, St. Louis Urbanaire at the Grandel Theatre 2017, and Working Women’s Survival Show 2015-2018. 

Take your fitness to the NEXT LEVEL with Personal Training, Competition Training, and Nutritional Counseling; Also available Online through Skype! Email info@raebenda.com for prices and scheduling. 

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Youtube: @pinklemonrae 

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